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Chimney cleaning by the pros

Chimney Sweep Business evolving into an Air Duct Cleaning Business.

Up to speed....the chimney sweep is married with a beautiful son. The red head is a senior in high school and is a beautiful young woman inside and out. The little guy is almost 16 and is a wrestler at Frontier High School. The invisible one is 13 now

Air duct cleaning truck in 1997

Our truck was brand new and custom built for us back in 1997. We took a road trip to Washington and drove it back ready to do business.

Flex ducting before cleaning
Flex ducting after cleaning

Dirty flex duct comes clean with the use of special brushes and air so ducting doesn't get damaged during the cleaning process.

Air conditioning coils before cleaning
Air conditioning coils after cleaning

Dirty coils can only properly be cleaned with the wet cleaning process. Most companies will skip this step completely or do a quick vacuuming of the coils. It is really important to keep them clean so less strain is put on the hvac unit. This will save you money on your utility bill if they are maintained properly.

It is important to make sure you have a clean air filter

Yes this is what your filter looks like if it does not get changed. You can see how much harder your system would have to work with a filter constricting airflow.

You need to change your filter once a month. If it's just not for you, we offer a monthly service to do it for you.

pigeons in the air handler

This is what happens when pigeons take over. They can do a lot of damage and the health aspects of the feathers, feces and nesting are a very serious matter.

Air filters that are dirty make your hvac unit run ineffeceintly

More Dirty Filters!

Dryer vent before cleaning

 Dryer vent before cleaning

Dryer vent after cleaning

 Dryer vent before cleaning

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